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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Does the Snack Shack have a toilet?

A: Yes! We do have a toilet. It is located towards the back of our seating area.

Q: Does the Snack Shack sell alcohol?

Q: Is the Snack Shack easily accessible?

Q: Is the Snack Shack open all year?

Q: Does the Shack have indoor seating?


A: No, unfortunately we don't have a licence to sell alcohol. You are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages with you though!

A: The Snack Shack is located on a shingle beach and only has an outdoor seating area situated on this shingle. We're afraid it's not easily accessible for wheelchair users or push chairs.

A: No, the Snack Shack is a seasonal business reliant on what we catch on our boats. We close for a majority of the winter when the weather is too bad to fish.  

A: No the Snack Shack only has outdoor seating situated on the shingle.

A: Lobster season is usually from June time through to October. (We wish we had them all year round!)

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